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Terry's Truck and Trailer Equipment  
offers innovation, durability and experience to
bring you a variety of high quality products.
Whether you are looking for a dump insert to
convert your pick up to haul like a dump truck or a
spreader to help increase your capabilities. We
have a great relationship with a number of
suppliers that we feel confident can fit any needs
that you may have.  We offer in shop installation
and maintenance on all the products we sell.

  • Save time and labor
  • Get more work from one truck
  • Increase your operating profits
  • Our Product Lines include:
The Boss, TruckCraft, AirFlo, Monroe
Truckcraft TC-160 De-Icer
TGS600/1100 Tailgate Spreader
Air-Flo V-Box Salt Spreader
Boss VBX8000 All Electric V-Box Salt Spreader
TGS800 Tailgate Spreader